CAFE 80’s

V Kolkovně 6, Praha 1

Surely you remember tuzex, mold, polaroid, walkman, audio cassettes, digital, chewing gum Pedro, BRAVO magazine, Burda magazine, from which my mother drew the cuts of her dress … In short, the golden 80’s, right? Here you will return in time and to the rhythm of the greatest hits of the 80’s and 90’s. you will forget all everyday worries.

On the ground floor of Cafe 80’s there is a newly built bar and restaurant, where we offer cocktails from the newly designed “Cocktails & Dreams” line, miniburgers, salads and sandwiches. In the basement there is a music club with a light disco floor, 2 bars, a VIP lounge, and the best DJs play there!

Cafe 80’s is a business for all generations. The atmosphere of the company will engulf you and remind you of the 80’s era.

Now you can have our hookah here, every day from 17:00!

Unique atmosphere

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