Smoking etiquette

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Hookah smoking is a ritual. To follow the rules of its use is to honor traditions and respect ancient oriental culture. In addition, there are some requirements are necessary to make the process of smoking become pleasant.

If you want to move the shisha, hold shaft with one hand, and the second – hold the base. Caution, the base with water may slip and fall. By the way, it is best to keep the bases in the closet, but not on the floor – they can easily fall and break.

When smoking, you do not need to move the shisha – just pass the hose from hand to hand. Shisha is best to put on the floor or a small table, if it is not a small decorative hookahs.

Never ignite cigarettes with coal: this is dangerous and unethical.

Do not use other tobacco for smoking, which is not intended for hookahs.

Smoking is best after a meal, in a quiet, comfortable place. Hookah is not a cigarette that can be smoked on the go or during a break. Hookah is the art of getting pleasure from inhaling sweet smoke. It is best to smoke on a soft comfortable chair or couch.

We advise not to add alcohol to the base. And in any case, do not drink the liquid after using the hookah: the liquid in the base is used as a filter. By consuming it, you risk getting poisoning with harmful impurities and resins.

How to smoke – with full breasts or inhale only in the oral cavity – everyone chooses for himself. Do not criticize the choice of others. The process of smoking hookah for anyone should be easy, simple and enjoyable.

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