The best tastes of Serbetli tobacco

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Turkish tobacco production Serbetli has been valued among hookah lovers all over the world for many years. The highest quality, rich flavors, natural ingredients and flavors, the absence of bitterness while smoking hookah, a fairly large flavor variety – these are not all the advantages of Serbetli tobacco for hookahs.

So, we bring to your attention the TOP 10 tastes:

1. Melon is a bright and rich aroma of ripe melons. A distinctive feature of this taste can be considered a pleasant sweet aftertaste.

2. Rotana – an original mix that combines the tastes of guava with cream and mango. This taste is best suited for those who love unusual combinations.

3. Ice Berry – a pleasant and refreshing taste, based on the aroma of icy raspberries.

4. Ice Blueberry – ice blueberries create a unique taste of winter forest, which makes this flavor popular.

5. Ice Orange Mango – another interesting taste with a refreshing aftertaste.

6. Ice Strawberry Banana – this flavor combines sweet flavors of banana and strawberry.

7. Ice Citrus mint – one of the most interesting freezing mixes. This is a pleasant aroma, which successfully combines cistrus and mint. The difference of this taste from similar ones is a greater amount of mint compared to standard soft mixes.

8. Lemon Pie is not just a lemon flavor, but an original combination of lemon flavor with cake and vanilla.

9. Lime-Lychee – an exotic mix from the manufacturer, which successfully combines lime and lychee. The aroma has a sweet and sour aftertaste.

10. Watermelon with Melon is a traditional mix that combines sweet melon and icy watermelon.

Of course, this is not the whole range of tobacco products from this manufacturer, but only the most popular tastes among consumers. You can try other tastes in the restaurants and clubs of our partners, among which you will find your favorite one. We wish you a pleasant stay and thick smoke!

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