Advantages of hookah outsourcing

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Many owners of restaurants, cafes, lounges and other establishments are likely to have heard about various outsourcing services.
And if not, they missed the opportunity for additional income for their establishment.

Why hookah outsourcing is the best solution for an establishment that wants to add hookah services? Today we will tell you about our benefits.

Absence of unnecessary worries. Owners and managers do not need to look for tobacco suppliers, and then monitor and constantly replenish stocks, buy the necessary equipment, hire new people, print new menus. We will do all this ourselves.
When the hookahs are make by professionals – sales really grow. You do not need to arrange long interviews and internships to find a really good hookah mans. Our hookah mans have a lot of experience and are responsible for their work.
No loss. You get the percentage of income from each hookah order, not paying anything. You do not need to pay the salary to the hookah, therefore, “in the red” you can not put, even if orders of hookahs will be small.
Our company has accounts in social networks, a website, accumulated client base. If you use our services of hookah outsourcing, our customers will become yours.

Cooperating with us, you get additional profit without worries and risks.

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