Samsaris Vitria

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One of the leaders of the world hookah market – the brand Kaloud, presented to its fans an innovative silicone bowl according to its characteristics.
It differs not only in a truly unique design. The use of this product requires some caution.
In particular, the use of the Samsaris Vitria bowl implies its combination with the Kaloud Lotus system, for which the necessary fasteners are provided here.

The advantages of the new bowl

The features of the design decisions made by Kaloud engineers this time affected not only the strength of fixation, but also other parameters. With the new bowl will be easier:

– Control the heat and volume of tobacco;
– Keep tobacco moist — a centralized air inlet;
– Avoid health problems – completely safe, chemically neutral material, silicone is easy to clean, hygienic, does not emit toxins;
– Smoke using fruit bowls – just use a Vitria glass liner;
– Smoking using fruit bowls – it is enough to use the glass part of Vitria;
– Clean and fill the bowl before smoking and after using the hookah;
– Maintain the duration and richness of taste without impurities;
– Prepare tobacco without the use of additional tools;
– Enjoy the process of smoking – an aesthetic accessory will easily decorate the collection.

Kaloud Samsaris Vitrial is an exclusive, stylish and high-quality product, so we opted for it. To see and appreciate this bowl in use, you can come to any restaurant or bar of our partners.

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